Water Filtration 

We Offer a Full Line of Water Filtration Systems to Meet Any Need

As an Independent Water Treatment Dealer, we can provide you with the right solution for any of your water related needs. We sell and service a wide range of water filtration systems from leading manufacturers including:

  • Good Water

  • EverPure

  • Pura

  • Alamo

Services We Offer

• Commercial Ice Machines, including the popular Hoshizaki Brand of Sanitary Cubelet Ice Makers and Water Dispensers

• Drinking Fountains

• Commercial & Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Colorado Water Filtration

45For Your Home

We rent, sell and service a wide range of water filtration systems, from stand-alone systems for your kitchen!

• Rent, Sell and Service

• Reverse Osmosis Systems

• Free Ice Maker Refrigerator Hookup for Better Ice

• Includes All Filter Changes and 100% Maintenance of the System

Reverse Osmosis System without Cooler: $45 Per Month!​​

  For Your Office

Whether your office has 2 or 2,000 employees, we can provide you with the right filtration system to meet your company’s needs. We rent, lease, sell and service a wide range of water filtration systems–from single carbon filters to Reverse Osmosis Coolers.

Office Services Include:

• Carbon Filtration to Reverse Osmosis Coolers

• Instant Hot, Refreshingly Cold, and Room-Temperature Water Spigots

• Monthly Rental of a Stand-Alone System Starts as Low as $35.95 per month!

(This price includes all filter changes and 100% maintenance of the system.)

• Automated Coffee Maker

• Stand Alone Ice Machines

Reverse Osmosis System with Cooler: $42.95 – 49.95 Per Month!​​


Multi-Stage Carbon System with Cooler: $35.95-$40.95 Per Month!

For more information and updated availability of products and services, please contact us and we will have one of our certified professionals contact you to answer any of your questions as inventory and availability of certain special use and commercial products may vary.

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